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Space Saver 3

Ideally suited for duplicator or small sheet-fed presses
3 gallon reservoir
Space Saver 5

Ideally suited for small and medium size sheet-fed presses
5 gallon reservoir
Space Saver 10

Ideally suited for medium to full size sheet-fed presses:
10 gallon reservoir
Central Dampening Units 20 and 20W-EC

Ideal as a central circulator providing dampening solution to 6 to 12 colors on small to medium presses and 3 to 4 colors on full size presses.
20-gallon reservoir
Presenting the Royse CC10

A combination of the CC5 and the CC5UV features in one unit. The CC10 allows the printer to switch between aqueous and UV coating without contamination.
Central Dampening Units 30 and 30W-EC

Ideal as a central circulator providing solution to 10 to 24 colors on
small presses and 4 to 12 colors on medium to full size presses.
30-gallon reservoir
Ink Link - ink pumping and leveling system

The Ink Link is a central ink pumping system that continuously supplies ink to one or more presses from central high capacity containers and maintains a consistent level of ink in the fountain… one less variable for your press operator to control.
Advantage Powder Spray System

The Advantage Powder Spray system has a proven track record with over 100 installations in Japan within the past three years and an ever increasing number of US installations. It allows fine adjustment of spray volume with an integrated nozzle cleaning system to prevent clogging.