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2010 efi
EFI VUTEk QS3220 - Enhanced Flatbed & Roll-to-Roll UV Printer
Ref# 813
At-a-glance Overview

Photorealistic Quality - Produces eye-popping High-Definition Print (HDP) quality. EFI-VUTEk HDP printers deliver print resolutions up to 1080 dpi in four- or six-color with a seventh, white ink channel.

Three-layer White Ink - Offers white ink printing. Delivers true in-line, three-layer white printing capability, which expands your ability to deliver a whole new range of applications and increase your profits.

Production Speeds - The QS3220 prints quality output up to 900 sq. ft./hour (84 sqm/hour) - twenty two 4' x 8' sheets per hour. Sheet and continuous feed printing, up to 3.2 metres (126.5") wide, on substrates up to 2 inches thick.

Extreme Versatility - Flatbed and roll-to-roll capabilities, for printing on a wide variety of ridig and flexible substrates, letting you handle more services and increase your production of premium-priced projects.

Increased Efficiency - Reduces substrate waste by combining images to fully utilise print space. Feed-side control module allows a near-continuous stream of output. Roll-to-roll and rigid applications on one machine saves floor space.
2013 Flora
Model: PP 2512UV
Ref No: 814
Technical Specifications

●Print modes: Standard quality: Konica Minolta 38.8sqm/hr Spectra Polaris 26sqm/hr; High

●quality: Konica Minolta 25.8sqm/hr Spectra Polaris 18sqm/hr;Ultra quality Konica Minolta 19.4sqm/hr Spectra Polaris 13.5sqm/hr;

●Technology: Piezoelectric inkjet, UV-curable inks;

●Ink cartridge colors: CMYK,LC,LM,W,V;

●Inktypes: UV-curable, pigment-based ink;

●Ink cartridge size:4liter(CMYK,LC,LM,W,V);

●Rigid media support: Standard true flatbed table support rigid materials up 254x122cm,50kg/sqm;

●Roll-feed media support: Optional Roll-to-Roll upgrade kit supports flexible media up to 250cm wide,with a roll diminsion 30cm,up to 100kg in weight;

●Thicdness: Up to 100mm;

●Dimensions(lxwxh )Printer:480x260x144cm;Shipping:500x216x150cm;


● Maximum: 7500 watts; Speciality inks for glass, acrylic, vaccumforming & more.

2006 Heidelberg Suprasetter 74-S CTP
Ref No: 765
2006 Heidelberg Suprasetter 74 S
Auto Loader with Sheet Separator
19 plates per hour
2 lasers with 64 diodes
This platesetter comes with Epson proofer, server,
extra end unit and also comes with software upgrade to 6.5 available that has not been installed.